A Better Solid State Lighting Solution

The lighting industry is changing. Every day, new energy-efficient light sources replace the traditional bulbs we are accustomed to.  More than ever, consumers expect energy efficient products that are reliable and affordable. These demands have forced conventional light fixture OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to integrate new lighting technologies at a rapid pace. Illumination Devices bridges the gap between advanced solid state lighting technology and traditional lighting for all types of fixture manufacturers. We create innovative LED lighting solutions, or Light Engines, that simplify fixture designs, optimize performance, and ensure long lifetimes.

If you are looking for LED lighting solutions that easily integrate with your fixture designs, or if you need help with new designs for LED fixtures, we can help you with fast-to-market custom and standard options.

We stay on the cutting-edge of solid state lighting technology,
so you can focus on what you do best.

Low Voltage AC/DC and Mains Voltage Inputs

Integrated On-Board Current Regulation

No External Power Supply Required for Most Applications

Over-Heating Protection

Fast to Market with Small, Medium, and Large Production Capability

Color Consistency in All Applications

A better solid state lighting solution.