Illumination Devices – Powering the Future
of Solid State Lighting

Illumination Devices was founded in 2006 to help lighting manufacturers navigate rapidly evolving LED technology. Our mission has always been to create high performance LED lighting solutions that integrate simply and address lighting manufacturer’s LED challenges.

From the beginning, we’ve worked closely with our clients to develop solutions that meet every requirement; managing heat, efficiency, size, weight and cost. Every unique client request helped us improve our knowledge base until we became experts.

We have developed into an established company that is trusted by some of the most recognizable lighting manufacturers in the industry. Customers choose us for our experience, knowledge, flexibility and delivery. They choose our solutions for their simplicity of integration, performance and reliability.

Today, our advanced light engine technology is delivering light in hundreds of thousands of lighting fixtures around the world.

Illumination Devices continues to expand its capabilities and its workforce as the use of LED lighting grows at a breakneck pace. And, we continue to push the envelope in lighting technology innovation, constantly developing solutions to address the challenges presented by most general lighting applications.

A better solid state lighting solution.