What Is a Light Engine?

To us, a Light Engine is a lot more than LEDs mounted to a board. A Light Engine drives the LEDs by regulating power, managing thermals, and providing protection. We design Light Engines with the OEM in mind. Our Light Engines easily integrate into new and existing light fixtures. Using a Light Engine from Illumination Devices not only delivers clean, consistent light, it offers peace of mind by delivering long life.  Our proprietary on-board drivers manage power and heat, ensuring optimum performance while achieving exceptional lifetimes. All of our Light Engines come with a 5 year warranty.


Reduced LED System Cost

All of our A/C Direct Light Engines connect directly to mains power (90-130VAC), eliminating the need for any external power supply or current regulator, and dramatically reducing system cost.

Increased Design Flexibility

Because there is no external power supply, Light Engines from Illumination Devices are slim and lightweight, enabling more flexibility in fixture design.

Reliable And Long Lasting Light Source

All of our light engines have integrated thermal protection circuitry that reduces power when high temperatures are encountered. This prevents over-heating and addresses one of the most common causes of fixture failure. The result is a reliable, long lasting light source that provides years of operation.

High Color Quality

We work closely with LED manufacturers to ensure color consistency across all of our LED Light Engines, so that you are always able to deliver the highest color quality.

Fast To Market

With established manufacturing capabilities, Illumination Devices is able to support orders of all sizes, small or large. No matter if you need 100 units or 100,000 units, we will get you the product you need quickly.

Could your company’s fixtures benefit from an LED light engine?

Yes! Light Engines from illumination Devices can simplify your fixture design, reduce materials and cost, while providing years of reliable operation. Why would you chance using anything else?

A better solid state lighting solution.